25 years of De Schans

De Schans BV was founded 25 years ago, in 1994, by Reinoud van der Schans. He heard from road workers what tools they needed, and then decided to develop his own mini shovel. He took his wish list to the Geens brothers in Belgium, who have now been developing and manufacturing for 30 years.

This cooperation resulted in the Knikmops. Because the Knikmops has a low weight and is fast, it is known as the ‘sports car’ among mini shovels. The original Rollmops is still on sale, although the machine is now known as the Knikmops 50. The first ‘real’ Knikmops was developed in 1997, the Knikmops 90. There has been considerable demand for the Knikmops in the intervening years. De Schans BV moved to new premises in Hedel (Netherlands) in 2005. There is a spacious workshop, washing facilities, ample parking and an office. The company has now grown to become the Knikmops specialist in the Netherlands. Importership has been extended to Germany, Scandinavia and the ABC islands.

The road worker can turn to De Schans BV for all attachments and accessories, from Knikmops to small tools. Now, 25 years and 13 Knikmops models later, De Schans BV still works alongside the end-user, extending a listening ear when it comes to innovative improvements. Increasing numbers of road workers, landscapers and building and construction firms are making use of Knikmops’ wide range of applications.

The company has since outgrown its premises once more. That is why large new premises are planned. Construction will begin in mid-2019. From these new premises, De Schans BV will be ready for you again, for the next 25 years!