The benefits of the Knikmops

Each Knikmops is designed to work as efficiently as possible with the highest productivity.

  • Low pivot point: the attachment is clearly visible from the Knikmops seat. The operator has a good view of the attachment and the operations
  • ¬†Compact and lightly built: even the largest and heaviest Knikmops, the 250, fits on a 3.5-metre trailer! This makes the Knikmops even easier to transport
  • High travel speed and high traction
  • Plenty of room to get on and off
  • Easy, ergonomic operation
  • Hydrostatic four-wheel drive: the Knikmops is lower, giving it more power. This offers great stability to the Knikmops
  • Compact boom: the Knikmops has a low boom pivot and the attachment hangs close to the machine, ensuring good stability of the Knikmops
  • The Knikmops is made of steel parts: the entire construction is strong while the machine is light
  • The engine cover of the Knikmops is easily accessible for (day-to-day) maintenance